Jack Bloom





Develop a friendly brand that speaks to a wide audience, but also attracts college students. Create a customer experience that relieves the stress of moving and helps pair people in need with a work-force eager to jump in.


Brand Designer, Illustrator, Interactive designer, & Design Director


Bellhops: A moving service startup headquartered in Chattanooga, TN.

A huge initiative around developing the brand was making it friendly, differentiating it from “old-school” moving companies.
New Century Schoolbook (voice)
Centrale Sans (Text)
Brand Palette
Secondary Palette


Two icon systems were developed. A custom set for fun stuff that applied directly to the brand. The other set of icons were developed for holistic purposes around interactive experiences.

A lot of care and intention went into the brand’s illustration, creating a unique and identifiable aesthetic.

Along with fleshing out the brand, I worked with our team of developers to create a booking system for customers that felt intuitive and put the customer’s mind at ease.

One of the biggest hurdles in developing the interactive experience was easing the customer’s mind. Moving is a stressful task and it requires finesse and information, to help lighten the load of the process.

We worked first and foremost to help the customer predict how many hours they would need Bellhops to help them by asking how many items they would be moving. We chose this over rooms as it doesn’t fully capture the right data.

We also worked on visualizing their move, helping them better understand what would happen during their move.

Finally, we created a checkout process that takes the most stressful element, payment and breaks it up into a three-step process.

A Bellhops work-force app was also developed.

The app was created to do a number of things for the students working jobs as well for campus directors who managed regions. We worked directly with students to understand what they needed most out of an app and created features to fulfill those needs.

A number of products were developed and deployed. Everything from scheduling the week’s working hours to clocking in and out of a job. All these features helped develop a system the Bellhops could trust and rely on.

Odds & Ends.
A suite of animations were created to play off the brand. These were utilized in the app.
To promote Bellhops locally in Chattanooga, we created a branded rickshaw.
Swag was a huge component of the company-culture. We created a number of items, from bowling balls to beer taps. These items centered around the college student lifestyle.