Art direction, apparel design, flatwear design, product design, prototyping, graphic support, illustration, print design, quality control

The Client

Coca-Cola is the number one brand in the world. Their product is recognized anywhere, from New York to the slums of Africa. My opportunity at Coke lead to some of the most interesting projects I’ve worked on since becoming a graphic designer. My key position at the company was to create, design, execute and control the quality of products that were produced under the Global Licensing division of Coke.

While working at Coke, I was able to work with some of the biggest apparel brands in the world including: Jack Spade, Ekocycle, Junk Food, Adidas, and more. Each project varied from creating graphics for the next winter line being sold at Target, to creating style guides for a new line of product from Tablecraft. Projects were varied and always had a unique direction under the Coca-Cola name-brand.



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