MASS collective



Brand consultation, print collateral, website design, identity guide, style guide, illustration, environmental design, apparel design

The Client

MASS collective is an initiative by a group of multidisciplinary professionals to create a space for others to create new and interesting projects. I was brought on as the head of design and the creative director; taking the company from just another name in the sea of start-up spaces to create a unique presence in the Atlanta community. This was my first foray in creative direction for a company like this. Currently MASS is seeking investors, so hit them up! To find out more please visit their website, and sign up for the newsletter.

“MASS is an inclusive educational facility and laboratory, supporting research and development across a broad range of fields. We foster creativity and multidisciplinary collaboration by providing open access to unique tools and resources.

MASS is an acronym which implies the shared innovative spirit among those with Musical, Artistic, Scientific, and Social pursuits. We wish to see new ideas thrive, and to kindle the fire of creative genius within each of us. Our goal is to help weave individuals into an ever-growing network of students, educators, and creators.”


The Identity