MINCE Magazine



Brand consultation, print collateral, website design, illustration, editorial design, prototyping

The Client

MINCE magazine is a food editorial centered around great recipes, celebrity chefs, and general food knowledge. The magazine is a by-monthly issue featuring interviews with all types of chefs and restaurants in the most up and coming areas of the food world. My job was to create the brand and center the idea around this concept. I gave the magazine the name MINCE which capitalized on the idea of taking something large and breaking it down to make it more digestible.

Each issue for the magazine would center around a chef and/or his restaurant. For this project I featured three issues, each one being centered around Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver, and Ferran Adria. The range of these chefs would show the magazine was capable of digging into the niche areas of the food world and the overblown stardom of others.


The Identity